Image of *New Item* Habanero Fire

*New Item* Habanero Fire

$10.00 - $20.00
Sold Out

Amazing, delicious, crisp and inviting salsa. Heat is equal to the Blazing Fire.
This beautiful addition to our salsa is HOOOOOTTT off the press.
Pint 16oz $10 & Quart 32oz $20

Fresh (Perishable)
Canned (Non-Perishable)

Fresh Option details:
Freshly made and ready to serve.
Perishable. Expires after two weeks.
Perfect for Local Pick Up & Delivery.
Available Only for:
-Store location: Round Rock, Texas
-Delivery $5 Fee: 25 mile radius from Round Rock, Texas

Canned: Will only ship in pint form. Selecting a quart will equal two pints. Holds longer expiration for up to a year.

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